The Legends Of King Arthur Easy Classic 10 Books Box Set

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A retelling of the Arthurian legends, adapted and illustrated to introduce children aged 7+ to classic folklore. Great to share aloud, just like the original tales. Epic battles, thrilling quests and forbidden love combine in the medieval story of the boy who would be kingIncludes free downloadable audio via QR codes!

The Legends of King Arthur 10 book collection is brilliant for history and book buffs that are eager to discover something new. With a modern twist, each book is around 96 pages and includes chapters to break up the story along with fun and detailed illustrations that really help to bring these stories to life. Making history fun in modern day is a breeze to read thanks to this action-packed 10 book set from Sweet Cherry Publishing. Timeless tales from the medieval era will be retold in a way that young readers aged between 7-9 can enjoy and understand. Children may already be learning about these topics or subject areas at school, so brushing up on a little extra knowledge at home with these fun books is a great way to boost and support their curriculum in the comfort of your own home.

Titles in This Set :

1. No Ordinary Boy
2. The Dark Sorceress
3. The Sword in the Stone
4. Twelve Rebel Kings
5. Gawain and the Green Knight
6. Tristan and Isolde
7. Lancelot
8. The Quest for the Holy Grail
9. The Death of Merlin
10. The Fall of Camelot

Description :

No Ordinary Boy
All Merlin knows is the village where he mixes potions for wary customers, and dreams strange dreams that sometimes come true. Then a mysterious hooded man appears, seeking a boy with no mortal father, and Merlin is taken far away, to a crumbling tower and a ruthless king. To a place where his is not the only magic.

The Dark Sorceress
Morgan’s happy childhood ends when King Uther declares war on her father. Sent from her beloved home of Tintagel, she spends the next eight years in a nunnery. There Morgan’s dark powers grow alongside her hatred, restrained only by the teachings of the secretive Iona. Until a surprising letter arrives, and with it the chance for revenge.

The Sword in the Stone
When two boys save an old man from robbers, they learn of a competition in Londinium to decide the next king of Britain. The elder, Kay, is determined to prove himself worthy as a knight or a king. The younger is Arthur, a farm boy through and through – until he sees the sword in the stone.

Twelve Rebel Kings
Arthur Pendragon must defend his crown against the many other kings who would take it. For that he needs a new sword and a magical scabbard from the Lady of the Lake. If he wins, will the beautiful Guinevere return to Camelot with him as his bride? And who will sit at the Round Table?

Gawain and the Green Knight
Sir Gawain is impatient to prove himself worthy of his seat at the Round Table, and the arrival of a giant provides the perfect opportunity – or so it seems. But the result is not the glorious quest Gawain had hoped for. It is a seemingly doomed one that will test his honour as a knight to the hilt.

Tristan and Isolde
Sir Tristan leaves Camelot to defend Tintagel against an Irish invader. In doing so he receives a wound that can only be healed by going to Ireland himself. There he meets Isolde the Fair, doomed to become Tristan’s true love. ‘Doomed’ because not all love stories have a happy ending. Especially when poison and potions are involved.

Determined to overcome his love for Queen Guinevere, Lancelot leaves Camelot on a quest for distraction. He finds it in the form of a fearsome knight in black armour, and an impossible choice set by a sorceress. Can Lancelot escape Morgan le Fay’s trap? And can he bear to return to Camelot and King Arthur even if he does?

The Quest for the Holy Grail
When Galahad arrives in Camelot, the last seat at the Round Table is finally filled. Then a vision of the Holy Grail appears and one by one King Arthur’s knights set out to prove themselves worthy of it. Little do they know that it is not their strength or skills that will be tested. It is their souls …

The Death of Merlin
All his life, Merlin has seen visions of other people’s fates. Never his own. That changes shortly before he meets Nimue. While his nights are plagued by confusing dreams, his days are spent falling in love and sharing his powers. Until the time comes when he must face his future – and his past.

The Fall of Camelot
Guinevere has been kidnapped! King Arthur is determined to rescue her and so is Lancelot. Camelot’s favourite knight has hidden his forbidden love for their queen for years, but it will soon become known to everyone. Then Morgan le Fay will finally make her move to take everything that Arthur holds dear. Will she succeed?

Packed with battles, forbidden love and what it was like to live in medieval times, the retelling of legends about the boy who would be king is a great way to introduce young readers to folk tales in modern literature. Each one has a plot that includes every last detail to make these compelling tales, keeping readers gripped throughout. There is an array of characters, whether it’s the queen or a powerful king and plenty of twists and turns. From kidnapping to romance and even magic, every one of these 10 books presents its own challenge, leaving readers guessing what will happen next. These books can be enjoyed by reading aloud to really bring the characters to life, complete with an accent if children are feeling brave enough, or to encourage independent reading as children become more confident in chapter books. Readers can choose to work their way through in any particular order, the only difficulty is deciding which one to pick first!