Step into Reading 3 - 30 books

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The 30 books include 7 history books, 4 science books, and 19 story books. Rich themes and unique painting styles can make children have a strong interest in reading.

 Thirty volumes of bibliography:

1. The Nutcracker Ballet

2. The Missing Tooth

3. The Great Tulip Trade

4. The First Thanksgiving

5. The Dragon's Scales

6. The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto

7. Shining Star

8.Samantha the Snob

9.Puss in Boots

10. Pirate Mom

11. Norma Jean Jumping Bean

12. Monster Bugs

13.Molly the Brave and Me

14. Miss Grubb Super Sub
15.Little Witch's Big Night

16. Little Witch Learns to Read

17.Little Witch Goes to school

18. Listen up

19. Johnny Appleseed My Story

20. Hungry, Hungry Sharks

21. Gulliver in Lilliput

22. George Washington and the General's Dog

23.Eat My Dust

24. Dolphins


26. Christopher Columbus

27. Beans Baker's Best Shot

28. Baseball Ballerina

29. Amazing Armadillos

30. Abe Lincoln's Hat