My First Read-Along Library 30 Books Box Set Level 1-3

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Reading Ladder is something that every child needs if they want to develop their reading knowledge in a fun and easy way with plenty of support, this particular set is fantastic for ages 5-7. This particular Reading Ladder collection was designed so to make learning straightforward for kids. This reading collection was designed by literacy experts and professionals like Nikki Gamble to make the learning process effective, furthermore Reading Ladder will make reading fun and will help kids adapt to the world of reading, providing them a positive and bright beginning to their reading journey. 

Reading Ladder is amazing for home studying and an essential part of your collection. Level 1 Reading Ladder books are best for new readers, they are helping kids begin their reading life, with letters and sounds. There are fun ways to engage with your kids when reading these books, ask questions and get their opinions on what they think the books is about based on illustrations and titles. Ask kids what animal, character or artwork is displayed at the front. Never lose patience with kids even if they get frustrated but constantly encourage kids to push themselves so they can reach the next page, book or level. As parents, you can praise them for their efforts and hard-work, guide them with new and complex words and sounds. Even when a book is finished, kids can possibly forget all about it quickly so it’s great to go back and revise over challenging words with kids. Words and sounds can be broken down into sections to make them more digestible when learning. It’s key not to rush kids when they are learning, kids will learn to adapt and overcome each challenge and this collection was designed so kids will develop their skills book by book, level by level.

Level 2 is best for young readers who have gained some confidence in reading basic words and sentences. Books in Level 2 will contain longer and more interesting conversations and pages, so kids will need to learn to read more challenging words, scenarios as well as absorb and take in more complicated story-lines. Be there for kids to help them with difficult stories or if they are having trouble with the new level. Level 2 covers bands Orange, Turquoise, Purple, these books will have a wide array of sentence structures, and a range of vocabulary that might not be found in Level 1. However just like Level 1, Level 2 books will contain detailed and exciting illustrations to help accompany the stories, the characters will have more depth and personality providing more opportunities for parents and kids to discuss about. Level 2 books will introduce more interesting and a range of themes, and the sentences will reach up to 8 lines per page.    

Level 3 is the most challenging Level in this collection and will be best suited for readers who are completely confident with independent reading, readers are now fluent and can comprehend a variety of themes and stories. Books in Level 3 are divided into chapters, and the sentence structures are different from page to page. Vocabulary has further increased from Level 2 and Level 1, the story-lines are designed to push children to think on their own and give them the chance to try and grasp these new found concepts. Languages has now become technical, kids are now reading aloud quickly and confidently without needing help from parents, perhaps what parents should be doing is asking questions like what the story is about, why do you think this character made this choice, how do you think this person felt? Perhaps it can be fun and useful to ask kids to compare the stories to real life events or other books, this will be a chance for kids to compare and contrast what is right and wrong or to deepen their understanding of human nature or to learn about social skills and improve other areas. As kids grow older, boys and girls may develop interests towards particular ideas and genres, we should all be enthusiastically involved in asking questions and be interested in what they like and dislike. You can take time to read the blurb together, it will be obvious that some of the books may be more interesting for your child so look for common interests from the books that can be associated to your kids hobbies and interests. 

Titles in the Set:

Level 1

Flora the Fairys Magic Spells, Flora the Fairy, Flat Stanley on Ice, Flat Stanley Plays Ball, Jungle School, Mr. Men The Big Bump, Shout, Show and Tell!, Thomas & Friends Fun and Bumps, Three Waggy Tales, Under the Sea

Level 2

Alfies Great Escape, Big Red Balloon, Dilly and the Birthday Treat, Follow the Swallow, Frogs Do Not Like Dragons, Mairis Mermaid, Monster Eyeballs,  Norman the Naughty Knight, One Windy Day, Sinclair Wonder Bear

Level 3

Collys Barn, Dragon Magic, Friday Surprise, Polly and the Pirates, Press Play, Spooky Soccer, The Football Ghosts, Trouble with Trolls, The Terrible Time Without Tilly, The Wrong Kind of Bark


Discover the joy of reading with My First Read-Along Library. This series is divided into 3 Levels ranging from stories for new readers to chapter books for more advanced readers.

Level 1: Consists of simple stories for new readers; covers book band colours: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green with bright pictures, short sentences and big, clear texts.

Level 2: Consists of longer, engaging stories for readers developing their skills. Covers book band colours: Orange, Turquoise and Purple; with a variety of sentence structures to develop readers.

Level 3: Consists of exciting, challenging stories for fluent readers; covers book band colours: Gold, White and Lime with a large vocabulary to help your child learn new words.