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Horrid Henry Early Readers is a series of books that are specifically designed for young readers who are just starting to read on their own. The books are aimed at children aged 5 to 7 years old and feature shorter stories and larger fonts that are easy for young readers to follow. The series consists of six books containing three short stories featuring Horrid Henry and his misadventures. The stories are written in simple language that is easy for young readers to understand, and each book includes colourful illustrations that bring the characters and settings to life. For more stories from this troublesome kid, check out our Horrid Henry page. 

The Horrid Henry Early Readers series is perfect for children who are just beginning to read independently. The books are designed to build confidence and help young readers develop their reading skills in a fun and engaging way. The stories are short enough to hold a child's attention but still feature the same humour and relatable characters that are present in the longer Horrid Henry books.

In addition to helping young readers develop their reading skills, the Horrid Henry Early Readers series also promotes positive values and behaviours. The stories often feature Henry getting into trouble, but he always learns his lesson in the end and realizes the importance of being kind and considerate to others. This makes the books not only entertaining but also educational.

The Horrid Henry Early Readers series is a great introduction to the world of Horrid Henry and is perfect for young readers who are just starting to read on their own. The books are fun, engaging, and educational, making them a great addition to any young reader's library. Check out our learn-to-read page for more early readers' books and books to help your little one with their reading development. 

Titles in This Set :

  • Don't Be Horrid Henry!
  • Horrid Henry's Birthday Party
  • Horrid Henry's Holiday
  • Horrid Henry's Underpants
  • Horrid Henry's Gets Rich Quick
  • Horrid Henry's And The Football Fiend
  • Horrid Henry's Nits
  • Horrid Henry's And Moody Margaret
  • Horrid Henry's Thank You Letter
  • Horrid Henry's Reads A Book
  • Horrid Henry's Car Journey
  • Moody Margaret's School
  • Horrid Henry's Rainy Day
  • Horrid Henry's Author Visit
  • Horrid Henry's Meets The Queen
  • Horrid Henry's Sports Day
  • Moody Margaret's Casts A Spell
  • Horrid Henry's Christmas Presents
  • Horrid Henry's Makeover
  • Horrid Henry's And The Bogey Babysitter
  • Horrid Henry's Christmas Party
  • Horrid Henry's Sleepover
  • Horrid Henry's Wedding
  • Horrid Henry's Haunted House
  • Horrid Henry's Christmas Lunch

About the series 

Horrid Henry is a children's book series written by the British author Francesca Simon. The series features the misadventures of a mischievous and disobedient boy named Henry, who constantly gets into trouble. The books are aimed at children aged 6 to 10 and have become popular with children and adults due to their humour and relatable characters.

The Horrid Henry series currently consists of 25 books, which have been translated into over 20 languages and have sold over 20 million copies worldwide. Each book contains four short stories, all of which feature Horrid Henry as the main character. The stories are told from Henry's perspective, allowing readers to see the world from his point of view and empathize with his mischievous ways.

Henry is a character that children can easily identify with, as he is always getting into trouble for things that they might also do, such as skipping school or not doing their homework. He is also a character that adults can relate to, as they will remember their own childhoods and the trouble they caused. Despite his naughty behaviour, Henry is still a lovable character, and readers cannot help but root for him, even when he is being horrid.

One of the reasons why the Horrid Henry books are so popular is their humour. The books are filled with jokes, puns, and witty one-liners that will make both children and adults laugh out loud. The humour is often tongue-in-cheek, and readers will enjoy the irony of Henry's misfortunes. The stories are also full of gross-out humour, which will appeal to children who love anything disgusting.

Another reason for the popularity of the Horrid Henry books is the colourful cast of characters. Alongside Henry are his long-suffering parents, his perfect brother Peter, and his mischievous friends Rude Ralph and Perfect Peter. Each character is unique and has their own personality, making the stories even more entertaining. Children will love the fact that they can relate to one of the characters and see themselves in them.

The Horrid Henry books also have a positive message for children. Despite his horrid behaviour, Henry is still lovable, continuously learning his lesson. The stories teach children about the consequences of their actions and the importance of being kind and considerate to others. The books also encourage children to read, as the short story format is perfect for those who may not have the attention span for longer books.

In addition to the books, the Horrid Henry series has been adapted for television, with an animated series that aired on CITV in the UK. The TV show brought the characters to life and introduced them to a broader audience. The show was also a hit with children, who loved seeing their favourite characters on the screen.

The Horrid Henry series is a popular and beloved children's book series that has captivated children and adults alike with its humour, relatable characters, and positive messages. The series has become a cultural icon and will continue to be enjoyed by generations of children to come. The Horrid Henry books are perfect for fans of Dirty Bertie, Flat Stanley and David Walliams Books. The books are illustrated by Tony Ross, for more books by him, check out our Tony Ross page! Ross has not only illustrated Simon's famous series but also worked with Walliams and Michael Rosen and has even written and illustrated his own series, The Little Princess