George's Secret Key

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barcode : 978-0552577717

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Titles in this set:

    1. George's secret key to the universe
    2. George's cosmic treasure hunt
    3. George and the big bang
    4. George and the blue moon
    5. George and the unbreakable code
    6. George and the Ship of Time


    George's Secret Key to the Universe
    George's pet pig breaks through the fence into the garden next door - introducing him to his new neighbours: the scientist, Eric, his daughter, Annie, and a super-intelligent computer called Cosmos. And from that moment George's life will never be the same again, for Cosmos can open a portal to any point in outer space . . .

    George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt
    George's best friend Annie needs help. Her scientist father, Eric, is working on a space project - and it's all going wrong. A robot has landed on Mars but is behaving very oddly. And now Annie has discovered something weird on her dad's super-computer.

    George and the Big Bang Meet
    George He's an ordinary boy with an incredible secret - the power to go on intergalactic adventures! Join him as he battles a sinister rebel-scientist, who's hell-bent on sabotaging the most exciting - and dangerous - experiment of the century.

    George and the Blue Moon
    George and his best friend, Annie have been selected as junior astronauts - part of a programme that trains up young people for a trip to Mars in the future. This is everything they've ever wanted - they get to be a part of up-to-the-minute space discoveries and meet a bunch of new friends who are as fascinated by the universe as they are.

    George and the Unbreakable Code
    George and his best friend Annie haven't had any space adventures for a while and they're missing the excitement. But not for long... Seriously strange things start happening.

    George and the Ship of Time
    When George finds a way to escape the spacecraft Artemis, where he has been trapped, he is overjoyed. Surely now he can return to Earth.
    But when George touches down, he knows immediately that something is wrong. There’s a barren wasteland where his home town used to be, intelligent robots roam the streets, and no one will talk to George about the Earth that he used to know. With the help of an unexpected new friend, can George find out what – or who – is behind this terrible new world, before it’s too late?

    Ever wanted to travel to outer space? Join in the space adventure with Lucy and Stephen Hawkings George's Secret Key to the Universe 5 book collection. Meet George, he's just an ordinary boy, but all that's about the change with the arrival of his new next-door neighbours. This is the perfect collection for space loving adventurers aged 9+ and fans of Doctor Who.