Billie B Brown Early Readers Anniversary Collection 23 Books By Sally Rippin - Age 4+ - Paperback

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Titles in This Set:

1. The Bad Butterfly
2. The Honey Bees
3. The Hat Parade
4. The Best Project
5. The Birthday Mix-up
6. The Big Sister
7. The Secret Message
8. The Perfect Present
9. The Beautiful Haircut
10. The Extra-special Helper
11. The Midnight Feast
12. The Soccer Star
13. The Second-best Friend
14. The Spotty Holiday
15. The Cutest Pet Ever
16. The Copycat Kid
17. The Missing Tooth
18. The Night Fright
19. The Deep End
20. The Pocket Money Blues
21. The Bully Buster
22. The Little Lie
23. The Grumpy Neighbour


Do you love Billie B Brown? Then this collection is for you! It includes all 23 books in the Billie B Brown series! So what does the B in Billie B Brown stand for? Busy reading!
The Billie B Brown series is carefully designed with word art and illustrations – no mountains of text or super-tricky words to intimidate the early reader.Billle is the perfect bridging series to move children on from picture books to chapter books.
Billie B Brown was created for readers who are desperate to begin reading big books, but despairing of the daggy readers filled with kittens playing with yarn and children who say ‘bother’.
We're celebrating 10 Years of Billie B Brown in 2020!