A Faraway Tree Adventure By Enid Blyton

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Age: 6 - 8


Enid Blyton's books have sold over 500 million copies and have been translated into other languages more often than any other children's author.She wrote over 700 books and about 2,000 short stories, including favourites such as The Famous Five,The Secret Seven, The Magic Faraway Tree, Malory Towers and Noddy. Born in London in 1897, Enid lived much of her life in Buckinghamshire and adored dogs, gardening and the countryside. She died in 1968 but remains one of the world's best-loved storytellers. The Faraway Tree is a series of popular novels for children by British author Enid Blyton. The stories take place in an enchanted wood in which a gigantic magical tree grows – the eponymous 'Faraway Tree'. The tree is so tall that its topmost branches reach into the clouds and it is wide enough to contain small houses carved into its trunk. The wood and the tree are discovered by three children named Jo, Bessie and Fanny (later updated to Joe, Beth and Frannie), who move into a house nearby. It is then that they went on adventures to the top of the tree.

Titles include:

1. Joe and the Magic Snowman

2. In Santa Claus's Castle

3. The Land of Birthdays

4. The Land of Do-As-You-Please

5. The Land of Dreams

6. The Land of Enchantments

7. The Land of Goodies

8. The Land of Silly School

9. The Land of Toys

10. The Land of Magic Medicines