The Sherlock Holmes Children's Collection: Creatures, Codes and Curious Cases 10 Books

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Sherlock Holmes returns! Facing beastly creatures, catching curious criminals and uncovering deadly secrets from beneath the sea are all in a day's work for this world-famous detective and his faithful biographer, Watson, as they face their final (and most dangerous!) cases.

An adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, illustrated to introduce children aged 7+ to mystery books and the classics. Includes 10 FREE audiobooks! (QR codes inside)

Titles in this set:

  1. The Empty House
  2. The Hound of the Baskervilles
  3. The Solitary Cyclist
  4. The Dancing Men
  5. The Dying Detective
  6. The Beryl Coronet
  7. The Devil's Foot
  8. The Creeping Man
  9. The Second Stain
  10. The Lion's Mane


The Empty House

Mr Robert Adair was killed last night at his mansion in Park Lane. He had spent the evening gambling and his winnings were still on the table. His door was locked from the inside and his window was left open …
It has been three years since the death of Sherlock Holmes. Watson is now solving mysteries solo and he’s about to face his toughest one yet: the impossible murder of Mr Adair. What Watson doesn’t know is that this curious case will unearth secrets from beyond the grave …

The Hound of the Baskervilles
I, Sir Charles Baskerville, shall now reveal the truth of the legend behind the hound of the Baskervilles …
No Baskerville should ever cross the moor at night.
With a deadly phantom hound on the loose and a mysterious man living on the moors, Devon is a
dangerous place to be. But Holmes and Watson must put their fears aside. The country’s favourite crime-fighting duo need to unravel the strange case of Sir Charles Baskerville’s murder before his nephew meets the same fate.

The Solitary Cyclist
Dear Mr Holmes, It has happened again. The strange bearded man on the bicycle followed me this morning. I tried suddenly turning and racing towards him, but he was just as quick.
When Violet Smith gets a new job, a new friend and a new home, life seems almost perfect … until the solitary cyclist appears. He follows her every week, along the same stretch of road. Why? That’s what Holmes and Watson need to work out, before this seemingly simple case turns into something far more sinister…

The Dancing Men
‘These drawings have a meaning, I am sure of it, Watson. They are hieroglyphics of some kind. If we could crack the code, we could solve the mystery.’
When it comes to mysterious pasts, Elsie Cubitt certainly has one. So when she starts receiving secret coded messages around the house, her husband begins to worry and turns to Holmes and Watson to help. But can the genius detective and his trusty sidekick crack the code before these dancing drawings turn deadly?

The Dying Detective
‘Well, Watson, something bad has happened to me,’ Holmes said. ‘It seems I’m not indestructible after all.’
Watson’s worst fears have come true: his best friend, Sherlock Holmes, is dying! Watson is desperate to help, but Holmes is being his usual stubborn self and refuses to see a doctor. Yet with deadly traps, mysterious murder plots and a cunning coffee plantation owner to deal with, Watson begins to wonder whether everything is as it seems …

The Beryl Coronet
‘There are no other beryls like these in the world. They would be impossible to replace. I leave it with you, Mr Holder, trusting that it shall stay safe and sound.’
Mr Holder’s life is turned on its head when a piece of the priceless crown he’s been asked to guard goes missing. The police have no clues and only one suspect: Mr Holder’s own son. Everyone’s hopes lie with Sherlock Holmes. But can the genius detective find the missing treasure before time runs out?

The Devil's Foot
You should write about the case of the Devil’s Foot. I am sure your readers would love to hear about the day we almost died.
Holmes All Watson wants is a nice quiet holiday with Holmes, but that’s not what he’s getting. When Brenda Tregennis is found dead at her dinner table, with no clues as to how or why, all eyes turn to the detective duo to solve the mystery. And with deadly experiments, lethal poisons and a suspicious explorer to deal with, there’s no time for relaxation!

The Creeping Man
When Watson rushes to Baker Street only to find it is for a case about a professor’s misbehaving dog, he is not pleased. What he doesn’t know is that Holmes is really investigating the professor’s seriously strange behaviour – crawling through the hallways, hiding secret letters and even climbing the side of his house. No one knows why or how it is happening, but one thing is for sure: there’s something creepy about Professor Presbury …

The Second Stain
Holmes shook his head sadly. ‘You think that unless this document is found there will be war?’
‘It’s very likely,’ said the prime minister. ‘Then, sir, we must prepare for war.’
A secret government document has been stolen. It’s up to Holmes and Watson to find it and save the country from war! But with sly secret agents, mysterious murders and the question of a curious bloodstain to contend with, will Holmes and Watson be able to piece the puzzle together in time?

The Lion's Mane
Mr McPherson shook his head, squeezed his hands into tight fists and, using the last of strength, said:
‘The lion’s mane’. Retired now and living in Sussex, Holmes’ life should be perfectly peaceful. But when a local teacher drops dead in front of him, Holmes is thrown back into the world of dangerous detective work. With multiple suspects, mysterious wounds and no Watson around to help him, Holmes is going to be pushed to his limits to solve this strange case.